A building qualifies as architecture when it touches our spirit. The role of the architect is to embody the practical needs of a building program and the aspirations of those for whom the result is intended.

The larger environments of society and economy in which we produce have become so diverse and complex that the ideological approaches to form advocated over the last several hundred years have become constrictively narrow. For the reality of today, historical restoration or new historicist construction may prove appropriate in some places, avante guard formalism in others. The creation of Architecture requires a multileveled understanding that conviction lies in social relations and in the spirit, not form or style.

The quality of spaces and the richness they bring to our existence is deeply personal. A building must stand for its inhabitants and their purpose, for its public, the people who see it in the larger environment, and it must stand time, aging gracefully and supporting a future it cannot know. Architecture makes the world better with the elemental increments of the people who grant it meaning.

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